Friday, January 10, 2014

Recent Home Decor Thrift Store Finds

The first few weekends following Christmas are some of the best times to go to thrift stores.  After Christmas, people (including myself) tend to get rid of a lot of things and take them to D.I.

Last weekend, after taking down all of my Christmas decor, I redid this bookshelf with some of my newest found treasures.  This year I am incorporating a kind of beach cottage look to my rooms.  Note the sea shell art and coral.  There are only 2 items on the shelves that did not come from thrift stores!

In the dining room I added some candelabras and a fun frilly pillow (both D.I. finds).

A lot of people say they never find anything at D.I.  My secret is to spend about 2 hours on Saturday mornings and watch for them to bring out the newest items.  There are large crowds of people that do the same thing, so it gets a little crazy, but I am patient and polite as I knock people down going for the things I spy.  (really, I have seen that happen, but I DO NOT do that)

Give it a try!
Good luck.

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