Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guest Room

My guest room had become a catch-all for my treasures found at DI.

Tyler had also begun using it to store his computer parts. (he rebuilds broken computers)

Tyler and I had started calling it our "Hoarding Room".

Well, enough was enough, so a couple of weeks ago I completely cleaned, organized and re-arranged to make it a pretty space for any guests we might have.

Over the years this room has been a place of healing for several members of our family

Tony remembers staying there during the week after he broke his ankle while snowboarding.

Josh recovered from two surgeries there and lived with us for a few months while saving to buy his first Condo.

My brother Terry stayed with us for a year while making some changes in his life.

So now the room is ready in case it is needed again. I hope the room continues to be a place of healing for our family.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The TV show Hoarders has done crazy things to me...
I have spent the first two weeks of 2011 going through everything in my home. I have definite Hoarder proclivities. (big word, I know)

So the next few posts will chronicle my adventures in organizing and purging my house.

So today I share with you the adventures of cleaning out my kitchen pantry.

First, I need to see if all of this:

Can fit into this:

My new philosophy in cleaning and organizing has become: Do I love it? Do I use it? So I guess that can work with food too. When my son Josh lived with us for a while we ended up with a lot of organic and whole wheat based food items in the pantry. So there they have remained since he left over a year ago. Do I love it? No. Do I use it? No. So away they went into the trash.

Also, I have been trying to organize using containers. So I separated items into baskets based on their uses. Baking items in one, breakfast items in another, pastas, well you get the drift...

So here is the finished product:

This feels so good.

Tune in again next week to see what I have done in the guest room. My son Tyler and I have renamed the guest room "The Hoarder Room".