Monday, January 6, 2014

Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?

It is a well known fact among those that know me, that I love thrift store shopping.  My home is decorated almost entirely with thrift store and yard sale finds.

Lately, I have been having just as much fun 
shopping for 
clothes at thrift stores.

Of course, my favorite thrift store is Deseret Industries, but I enjoy Savers and other less well known shops as well.

So, I will begin to show some of my fashion finds on my blog, along with my home decor discoveries.  I still need a better camera, but my goal this year is to update my blog more often.

What I am wearing:
Denim Versace Jacket---Thrift Store $10.00
Chevron Maxi Skirt---Thrift Store $6.00
Leather Boots---Thrift Store $5.00


paul said...

I love popping tags and this post is F-ing awesome.

paul said...
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Jackie said...


Yeah, maybe I should have come up with a different title to my post?

Nah, I ran with it.

Thanks for stopping by. :)
Love ya!