Saturday, October 19, 2013

For Rocky

We lost our dog Rocky on Tuesday, October 15th. I wrote this in tribute to him...

For Rocky….

Beautiful Siberian Husky,
You were found in the foothills searching
For what?
A squirrel, a tree for relief, a place to rest?

Our first glimpse of you in shelter,
Blue eyes, happy expression, reaching
For what?
A pat on the head, a scratch behind your ears?

An easy choice was made,
Brought home, nervous, restless, exploring
What did you find?
A family, a home, a best friend?

Changes to our lives were required,
Muddy prints, clumps of fur, kitty antagonizing
What could we do?
Adjust, adapt, learn to love?

Years pass with you in our lives,
Enthusiasm for walks, more family to love, siren imitating
What did you do?
Accept us, grow old, and love unconditionally.

Too soon you had to go,
Trails in the grass, backyard uninhabited, a family grieving
So you could run again, free now, never forgotten.

 You’re a good boy Rocky.