Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Pink Chest"

My Mom assigned "clever" names to things in our house.

We had "The Yellow Thing" which was a rolling yellow cart where Mom placed her items related to her church calling (job). We had "The China Cabinet" (OK, maybe not so clever), where she kept her nice serving dishes and goblets for Thanksgiving dinners.

Then, there was "The Pink Chest". This was a plain nondescript cabinet, just off the kitchen, probably built by my grandfather Christensen. This cabinet was used as an office supply desk. For some reason, it was painted a cheerful light pink. I always loved "The Pink Chest". I loved that the door opened up and became a desk surface. I loved that there was always a roll of adding machine tape hung on one of the drawer knobs for notes and grocery lists. The same drawer which held the famous "Pink Scissors". (Yes, I still have "The Pink Scissors")

After Mom passed away and Dad remarried, my stepmother stripped off the pink paint, sanded it down and stained it to an ugly orangy wood color. The worst part was that she took some ugly plastic contact paper with giant orange flowers and glued that to the front of the chest. After Dad died, we were going through some of the things that were left, I took the chest home with me. I ripped off the plastic contact paper almost immediately but the chest has sat mostly unused in the guest room for the past several years.

Until two weeks ago...

I primed the chest with Zinsser by RustOleum. Then I painted the whole thing with a chalky white latex paint. After that I bought some antiquing rub from Robert's crafts and also picked up some sheets of scrap book paper, with the idea of decoupaging them to the front of the chest.

I rubbed on some of the antiquing paint and then finished off by attaching the scrap book pages with several layers ModgePodge.

I am so happy with the finished product. I will need to come up with a clever new name for it now. What do you think? Oh, and there is still a roll of adding machine tape hanging from the drawer inside.